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  1. Protecting Your Garden In Summer

    Posted: December 6 2017

    Just like us, plants can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and may struggle during summer heatwaves. With temperatures on the up year to year, it’s worth considering how you can invest in the future of your garden. Here’s what you can do now to prepare your outdoor space for the coming months, without sacrificing style. […]

  2. Creating an outdoor oasis for summer

    Posted: October 10 2017

    Spring is here, and with summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to treat your garden to a style update. Here are three on-trend ways to personalise your outdoor space. Bring the indoors outdoors Structures such as decking and covered verandahs are an ideal starting point for setting up an outdoor living space. […]

  3. Choosing the right paving for your garden

    Posted: August 23 2017

    Paving is not quite as simple as throwing down a few stone slabs and calling it a day. There’s a wide variety of stylish paving designs and materials to choose from, all with different strengths and weaknesses. To help you choose, here are a few suggestions and what you can expect: Brick Pavers: There’s no […]

  4. Choosing the right fence for your home

    Posted: July 17 2017

    When it comes to choosing a fence, you have a wide variety of options. You can make it as simple as a few wooden boards to stop the neighbours looking in, or you can go for something more elaborate; it’s all up to your preferences and your budget. If you have both a front and […]

  5. What to know about Aggregate Paving

    Posted: July 17 2017

    There are many ways to instantly improve the look of your outdoor space, but a paving stones are perhaps some of the most simple. Properly laid in the right place, they can instantly add style and class to a garden. An entirely paved area is quite a bit more time-consuming than a few isolated stones, […]

  6. The Great Garden Landscaping Rescue

    Posted: March 17 2017

    When Frank and Mary-Anne D’Aquila started their garden project, they couldn’t have predicted just how difficult it would be to transform their sloping outdoor space into something the whole family could enjoy. Construction ground to a halt halfway through the project when Frank became disillusioned with the poor communication and ballooning costs from the first […]

  7. Using mirrors to make your garden look bigger

    Posted: February 14 2017

    People have been putting mirrors in their gardens for hundreds of years, and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you want to make the garden look a bit bigger, add an interesting art piece or just confuse the birds to stop them eating your best plants. Whatever your reason, a mirror is a quick and […]

  8. How to make your backyard look bigger

    Posted: November 15 2016

    With a little planning and some imagination, your small garden can be a fantastic space that is visually stunning while still being functional. You shouldn’t have to compromise on style no matter how tiny your yard is. With real estate prices at a premium in Melbourne, quarter acre blocks are a thing of the past. […]

  9. Improve your sale price with these landscaping tips

    Posted: October 26 2016

    What are home buyers looking for when they look at a garden? Studies have shown that good landscaping design (this is calculated using a combination of plant type, size, and general landscaping sophistication) can increase the perceived value of the home by up to 11%. Don’t let your garden [let] you down when it comes to […]

  10. Landscaping ideas for small backyards

    Posted: October 24 2016

    We all know a major trade off when it comes to city living is space. High rises are popping up at an alarming rate in Melbourne and the ongoing sprawl means if you want a central location, you may have to make a sacrifice when it comes to your outdoor space. When you don’t have a […]


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