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Choosing the right fence for your home

Posted on: July 17 2017

When it comes to choosing a fence, you have a wide variety of options. You can make it as simple as a few wooden boards to stop the neighbours looking in, or you can go for something more elaborate; it’s all up to your preferences and your budget. If you have both a front and back garden, you can also opt for a different look for each side.

So how do you go about choosing the right type of fence to meet your needs? Here are a few options you can consider on the hunt for the perfect fence!

Panel Fencing

One of the most basic types of fence, but that doesn’t mean is has to be unattractive. Panel fencing provides total coverage for your garden and is usually high enough to stop anyone from looking over the top. For a lower budget option, you might want to go with lap panel fences. These are easy to put up yourself, are relatively cheap to buy, and are sturdy enough to withstand the elements. You can even treat them with a wood finish to help them last longer.

Composite fence panels are the more stylish option. They need very little maintenance, are very easy to clean and last for much longer than regular panels. They are a little more pricey, but their durability and attractive look makes them a popular choice.


Picket Fencing

This classic is instantly recognisable all around the world. Picket fencing is comprised of a number of straight, wooden panels in a neat row. They’re very easy to install by yourself and give your garden a neat and tidy appearance. Although the lack of privacy means you’ll mostly be using them for the front garden. Picket fences are mostly used for decoration, as well as marking your home’s boundaries, and they also keep in small children and pets.


Colourbond Fencing

For a much more durable and sturdy option, you could choose a colourbond fence. First used for roofing, colourbond steel is now a popular choice for people who want maximum privacy, as well as a fence that’ll repel even the strongest of the elements.

The panels are often made from powder-coated slats, meaning that there’s a huge variation of different colours and styles. The end result is a modern fence with enough variety to fit any home. Each panel in a colourbond fence is made to be slotted together, meaning with the right tools, putting up a colourbond fence can become a fairly swift DIY project. Colourbond is a slightly more expensive option than most other types of fence, though the toughness of the material means that it’s likely to last for years to come.


Brick Fencing

The benefit to a brick fence should be obvious: it’s one of the toughest, most durable options around. Most brick fences are also highly-decorative when done right, and can be re-coloured in whichever shade fits your aesthetic.

Brick fencing can also dampen the noise of traffic or neighbours, depending on how high and thick the layering is. The bricks themselves can vary in price depending on the quality, but the overall cost will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. Reclaimed bricks are becoming a popular options for people wanting a rustic feel to their brick fence.


PVC Fence 

PVC is a form of plastic that, when used in fences, can easily pass for wood. It’s slightly more expensive than a simple wood option, but this is due to how PVC is resistant to weather and will often need little to no maintenance.

Notably, unlike a regular wooden fence, PVC will never need repainting and will keep it’s colour even when subjected to harsh temperatures.


Glass Fencing

Obviously you won’t be using glass to fence the perimeter of your garden, unless you want all the neighbours seeing in! Instead, glass fences are an aesthetic choice that can break up a space while keeping it open.

Glass is often the material used for pool fencing, since it allows you to see from the outside while also providing a strong barrier. Glass fences can often be found around specific areas of an outdoor space, such as a pergola or the edge of a garden.


Mixed Fencing

You don’t just have to stick with a single option when picking a fence material. Brick fences are often mixes with other materials to create a truly stylish look. So long as the materials complement each other, you can mix however you like and come up with some striking combinations that’ll make your garden fence really stand out.


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