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Choosing the right paving for your garden

Posted on: August 23 2017

Paving is not quite as simple as throwing down a few stone slabs and calling it a day. There’s a wide variety of stylish paving designs and materials to choose from, all with different strengths and weaknesses. To help you choose, here are a few suggestions and what you can expect:

Brick Pavers: There’s no mistaking the classic look of brick paving. This is most often used for pathways, and is one of the more durable forms of paving material. Reclaimed or recycled bricks are a great way at some rustic charm to your path.
Concrete Pavers: Perhaps the most common form of paving. Isolated ‘stepping stone’ type pavers are almost always concrete, as they are both durable and versatile. Concrete can be used in most other forms of paving and will adhere easily to different shapes.
Cobblestone: Step back in time by using cobblestone, a relatively simple paving method that adds instant character. The two main varieties of cobblestone are smooth stones (creating a flat surface) or raised pebbles, with the former the best option for a stone pathway.
Flagstone: This type of quarried stone has long been popular in garden landscaping for its smooth, uniform appearance. Flagstones also don’t absorb heat, making them safe to walk on, even at the height of summer.
Sandstone: In contrast, sandstone often has a more rough, non-uniform appearance. Nevertheless, it’s still a popular paving option for its rustic look and durability.
Granite: A wide range of colours and distinctive grain textures make granite one of the most versatile natural stone paving solutions. Granite pavers are also weather-resistant and extremely hard-wearing. Granite has a high resistance to abrasion and is much less susceptible to staining compared to other paving materials.
Bluestone: As the name implies, bluestone has a blue tint and is made up of sand and other small pieces of rock. Although Manufactured, bluestone paving stones typically have a smooth finish.
Limestone: This stone is often used for decoration, though also has massive versatility and can withstand many different types of weather.


For more great paving ideas, you can head over to our exposed aggregate paving section to have a look at the options available.


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