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Creating an outdoor oasis for summer

Posted on: October 10 2017

Spring is here, and with summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to treat your garden to a style update. Here are three on-trend ways to personalise your outdoor space.

Bring the indoors outdoors

Structures such as decking and covered verandahs are an ideal starting point for setting up an outdoor living space. They’ll keep your cushions, mats and jug of punch sheltered come spring showers, as well as protecting from UV rays.

Covered areas make using interior-style furnishings (such as soft lounges and daybeds) outside a viable option. There’s no need to compromise on comfort during those warm nights enjoying the garden. It’s all about creating an inviting space outdoors you want to spend time in.

Add sensory features

Make being in your garden a full-body experience by adding features that engage all the senses. Introduce plants such as frangipani, jasmine and stephanotis – their fragrant flowers will transport you to a holiday mindset for summers to come. In gardens with limited sun over the colder months, consider having these in pots to allow for relocation within the space.

Certain plants, like the fluffy smoke bush and ornamental grasses with feathery seed heads, make for a pleasant tactile experience. Harvesting of seasonal edibles like strawberries, basil, and mint are all tasty additions that can trail from planters hung from outdoor structures. Needless to say, these are a treat for the tastebuds as well. Mojito, anyone?

Think about your soundscape – wind chimes aren’t the only option. Maybe you’d like to attract birdlife with thoughtfully chosen native plants and feeders. If that’s not your thing, consider an outdoor sound system.

Express yourself

Feel free to take an artistic approach to decor. Tiled surfaces are hot right now – maybe you’ve got a pathway that could carry a striking geometric design, or an overlooked corner that could be transformed through a DIY mosaic. Get creative with patterns, colours and shapes.

Bare walls call for a gallery-style approach. Choose wall-mounted sculptures and artworks, as well as functional ornaments such as lanterns, mirrors and planters, that reflect what makes you feel good. To add cohesion to the space you can add a coat of wall paint in a colour that ties everything together.


Just a few inventive tweaks can transform your outdoor space into your very own summer sanctuary. Get in touch with our friendly team if you need some ideas, or a hand to help you get started.


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