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Garden Maintenance in Late Winter

Posted on: July 31 2018

As we enter the final month of Melbourne’s winter season, we’re already seeing the daylight hours beginning to lengthen – a welcome reminder that it will be warming up soon. If you’re keen to take full advantage of spring’s opportunities for your outdoor space, add these tasks to your to-do list.

  • Planting prep

If you’re a keen gardener, you’ll want to make sure your beds are ready to go for the spring planting season. Depending on your yard, that may mean doing any of the following:

  1. Clearing debris such as dead leaves, twigs and branches from your beds
  2. Removing dead or weather-damaged growth from perennials
  3. Remulching and fertilising
  4. Edging grassed areas, and removal of any encroaching grass from beds
  5. Repairing, adding or removing structures such as retaining walls, raised beds or similar to optimise your planting possibilities


  • Dormant pruning

Pruning can help manage the growth of trees in a way that works with your landscape, while minimising hazards and supporting tree health. Late winter to early spring is a great time to do this for many deciduous trees and shrubs – in addition to their branch structure being obscured by foliage, pruning them during their dormant time prepares them for spring’s vigorous onslaught of activity.

Note that a plant’s response to winter pruning depends on it’s bloom time – some, such as lilacs and azaleas, begin their budding process in late winter, and are therefore not dormant at this time. These are best not pruned until after blooming in later spring. Winter pruning generally does not apply to evergreens.


  • Landscape assessment

With fewer routine tasks to be done in the garden, winter is a great time to take a step back and assess how the various features of your space are working for you. What features have you always wanted to add? Is there anything that isn’t pulling its weight and needs to go? Does a structure require repair, relocation, refurbishing or even just a thorough clean?

If there’s something you’d like to change, now is a good time to explore the options. For example, installing decking and lighting is an often overlooked area that can increase your yard’s value as a living space.

For help with getting ahead on making your yard spring-ready, contact our friendly team today.


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