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The Great Garden Landscaping Rescue

Posted on: March 17 2017

When Frank and Mary-Anne D’Aquila started their garden project, they couldn’t have predicted just how difficult it would be to transform their sloping outdoor space into something the whole family could enjoy.

Construction ground to a halt halfway through the project when Frank became disillusioned with the poor communication and ballooning costs from the first builder.

With $200,000 already invested, the family saw little return for all the effort. It wasn’t the elegant outdoor relaxing space the family were envisioning, but with the difficulty of getting that far with less-than-competent landscapers on the job, the D’Aquila family were ready to give up.

Enter independent landscape designer Georgia Harper and the team at Essendon Landscaping, who weren’t afraid of taking on the challenge of transforming their outdoor space from an ugly concrete bunker to a private garden retreat.

“My first reaction to seeing the figures was forget it, let’s sell the property,” Mary-Anne said, once the project was in full-swing. “Looking at it now, it feels like it’s a little bit easier to part with.”

The excavation was slowed by the positioning of the house, which meant soil had to be taken away in pieces on three conveyor belts running along the side of the home.

The project suffered further setbacks when it was found that the existing walls were suffering from efflorescence, a condition caused by moisture from the poor workmanship of the previous builder. The concrete walls needed to be specially treated before any more work could to be done, setting the project back a further two months.

Following 25 grueling weeks, Matt Natoli and the Essendon Landscaping team delivered the outdoor entertaining space Frank and Mary-Anne had been dreaming of.

The dull concrete walls had been covered up with lush greenery and designer timber panelling. The pool was beautifully tiled and perhaps best of all, the raised entertaining area was complete. This exciting new space featured a circular seating area and a selection of plush beanbags, making for the perfect summer relaxation space, complete with elegant bamboo lining the walls to top off the look.

“It’s beautiful,” said Frank. “It just seems very green and colourful, and happy. They’ve really done a lot for us.”

The couple also expressed how their faith in designers and workmen had been restored by the experience with Essendon Landscaping. “They communicate a lot better, and when they say they’re going to do something on a certain day, they actually do it,” Frank added. “They’ve fixed something that we thought couldn’t be fixed. That trust is very important.”


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