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What to know about Aggregate Paving

Posted on: July 17 2017

There are many ways to instantly improve the look of your outdoor space, but a paving stones are perhaps some of the most simple. Properly laid in the right place, they can instantly add style and class to a garden.

An entirely paved area is quite a bit more time-consuming than a few isolated stones, but if you have the budget, it can be worth the effort to transform a space. Just a few of the advantages of paving include:


Unlike decking or grass, paving stones will last through heat and storms just fine. How well it holds up depends on the type of stone used, though most can be laid and left for years on end without any serious maintenance.


There are a large number of different stone options available for paving. Whether you’re covering your driveway or creating an attractive outdoor entertaining space, you can be sure that there’s a paving material that suits your tastes. It’s also no problem if you need a different shape or have an unusually-shaped outdoor area, the stones can easily be ground down to fit into almost any space.


As we’ve mentioned, stone is always a stylish look for an outdoor space. Done well and laid with care, paving will always compliment grass, wood, and gravel. You can browse our paving gallery to see just how easily a space can be transformed for the better with paving stones.

Laying aggregate paving really is one of the most effective ways to transform a bland garden path into a statement piece that ties together your garden space. The dedicated team at Essendon Landscaping are on hand to help if you have any questions about paving, pebbles, exposed aggregate concrete, or asphalt surfaces.


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