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How to make your backyard look bigger

Posted on: November 15 2016

narrow garden landscapingWith a little planning and some imagination, your small garden can be a fantastic space that is visually stunning while still being functional. You shouldn’t have to compromise on style no matter how tiny your yard is.

With real estate prices at a premium in Melbourne, quarter acre blocks are a thing of the past. With the average suburban land size around 700m² there is a real challenge in how to get the best from a tiny backyard. We’ve put together a few landscaping tricks to make the most of your limited space.


  • Measure, Measure again, Plan

Filling your small space with as many plants as you want without thinking about the area you have to work with makes a small yard feel cluttered and claustrophobic. The key to a more spacious feeling yard is to scale back and clearly define each area. Remember to measure before you start planning, then measure again just to be sure.


  • Colour, Shapes, and Patterns

A clever use of colours can make a huge difference when creating a feel within a small space. Warm colour plants (yellows, oranges, and reds) should be positioned front and centre to immediately draw the attention. Cooler colour plants (purples, blues) should be kept to the perimeter near fences to create borders. Planting your garden beds in straight lines will draw the eye back into the distance creating the illusion of more space. Plant lines should meet at the furthest point in your yard at a raised decking area or water feature. A similar effect can be achieved by planting in such a way that draws the eyes upwards.


  • Vertical Gardening

vertical gardenIn narrow spaces, using vertical surfaces and planting up can make a huge impact. Vertical gardens are great for growing herbs and fresh veggies. A vertical garden creates soft boundaries and adds a splash of colour that makes your yard appear larger. You can use wood trellis, tin cans, and even pot hangers to achieve this bold look.


  • Zones and levels

It may be surprising for gardeners to learn that dividing your yard into zones using planting beds gives the illusion of greater space. The idea of garden zoning is to create different areas that are basically a series of themed rooms. Generally the best way to do this is by mixing a paved area, a platform section, with grasses and plants of varying heights. It’s all about adding a bit of mystery and an element of surprise. Gardens that scale up plant size as you move towards the back of the space are incredibly effective at achieving depth.


Remember, every inch of space is important when you only have a limited area to work with. For more great idea on how to best utilise space in a tiny yard contact our friendly team today.


Matthew A Natoli
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