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Protecting Your Garden In Summer

Posted on: December 6 2017

Pergola with shade sail attachedJust like us, plants can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and may struggle during summer heatwaves. With temperatures on the up year to year, it’s worth considering how you can invest in the future of your garden. Here’s what you can do now to prepare your outdoor space for the coming months, without sacrificing style.

Trees are an ideal means of shading other plants, but they’re also water intensive and take years to grow tall enough to provide shade. Built structures such as pergolas and shade sails are a great quick fix, creating instant protection from the sun not only for you, but also for your plants. Shading structures can make an ideal home for potted plants and seedling trays as the weather starts to intensify, assisting them in retaining water and avoiding sun-scorching.

The trick to maintaining a lovely garden over summer is keeping moisture levels high while dealing with water restrictions. It’s not easy to pull off! A water tank connected to a drip irrigation system can be a great option. Alongside these measures, improving the soil quality in your garden will improve moisture retention, allowing plants to make the most of limited water resources. A thin layer of gravel is fantastic for keeping moisture in the soil and helping to minimise evaporation.

  • Creating a drought tolerant landscape

There are many factors at play when it comes to creating a drought tolerant garden. Proper mulching will support your shading and water retention efforts by covering roots and soil, and weed control will eliminate unwanted competition for water. Identifying the proportion and position of ‘thirsty’ plants in your garden will give you an overview of how it’s likely to fare in a drought. You can then decide whether to take more significant water-saving steps, such as replacing a lawn with synthetic turf, gravel or stone.
There’s still time to get your garden prepped before the height of summer hits. Contact our friendly team to find out how we can help save your garden in Summer.


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