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Turf and Irrigation

Instant Turf can be prepared, supplied and laid all year round with exception of some varieties of lawns.  Tall Fescue, Sir Walter Buffalo and Couch are 3 of the most common but other varieties of lawns can also be purchased. Top quality soil with fertilizers will be provided before installation as well as a detailed maintenance schedule upon completion to ensure your lawn looks good year round.

Synthetic Lawns are a new way to green up that old dead area as well as provide a lush green look all year round. Essendon Landscaping can provide a large range of different synthetic turfs to suit your requirements.

  • Irrigation systems both fully automatic or manual can be installed using quality irrigation products to ensure ongoing performance and easy maintenance.
  • Rain sensors can also be provided and systems can be constructed from PVC pipe or poly pipe.
  • Installation of water tanks is also another of our services so that you can apply water to your new outdoor escape avoiding any drought regulations!
  • A lawn mowing service can be arranged so that your lawn is always looking presentable and you don’t need to get you hands dirty.

CONTACT us today and let us design a retaining wall that works as part of your outdoor space. Let us create a design that will have all your friends talking