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Using mirrors to make your garden look bigger

Posted on: February 14 2017

People have been putting mirrors in their gardens for hundreds of years, and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you want to make the garden look a bit bigger, add an interesting art piece or just confuse the birds to stop them eating your best plants. Whatever your reason, a mirror is a quick and stylish way to give the garden an impression of extra space…but just like anything that grows, it has to be planted correctly!

If you have a smaller garden, using mirrors can create the illusion of a much larger space if they’re put in the right place; it sounds simple, but it works! In most cases you’ll want your mirror to be almost completely invisible unless someone looks closely.

The tricky part is the placement, as you want the positioning to be just right, in order to give a pleasant reflection. There’s no use putting a mirror right at the end of the garden so that it reflects nothing but the back door or some drain pipes, consider an angle that’ll show something you want more of.

Ideally, you want to obscure the frame of the mirror as much as possible to maintain the illusion of more space and achieve a dazzling effect. Surrounding your mirror with foliage is the perfect combination, as people won’t immediately notice the edges; this can work for both small mirrors and full-length ones. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should end up with what seems to be either a doorway or a window rather than a simple reflection. It can take time to get the placement just right, but keep trying different locations and you can be expanding your space in no time!

Mirrors work by themselves as decorations in the right place, but if you’re willing to put in a bit of thought and creativity, you could soon be erecting your own mini portal to another world (or just a much bigger garden) that’ll last right up until someone tries to walk through it.


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